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Abu Hurayrah narrated that the Prophet ﷺ said: “When the end of time draws near, a believer's dream can hardly be false. And the truest vision will be of one who is himself the most truthful in speech...” (Sahih Muslim)

Ibn Hajar, may Allah have mercy on him, said, “True dreams are those which come true in real life as they were seen in the dream.”

Dreams are a part of life. They can either be good or bad. There are different ways of interpreting dreams.

Imam al-Baghawi said: “Know that the interpretation of dreams falls into various categories. Dreams may be interpreted in the light of the Qur'an or in the light of the Sunnah, or by means of the proverbs that are current among people, or by names and metaphors, or in terms of opposites.” (Sharh al-Sunnah, 12/220)

At Al-Firdous Publications, we have expert dream interpreters at hand who are available to interpret your dreams, wherever you are in the world – completely free of charge. Our experts are highly experienced, graduates of al-Azhar university in Egypt.

Shaykh al-Sa’di said: “Knowledge of dream interpretation is one of the branches of Islamic knowledge and a person will be rewarded for learning it and teaching it. Interpreting dreams comes under the heading of fatwas... So it is not permissible to interpret dreams without knowledge.” (Tafsir al-Sa’di, 1/407)

Although many books have been written on the subject of Muslim dream interpretation, some are authentic while others are not. For example, many scholars and researchers say that the famous book attributed to Ibn Sirin “Interpretation of Dreams” is not proven to be written by him.

Therefore, it is better to have your dream interpreted by a professional. Our team of experts can interpret your dreams based on authentic Islamic sources.

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