About us

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Our mission is to provide an expert publishing service to other experts, authors, editors, librarians, researchers, societies, professionals, teachers and their students, enabling them to do their jobs better.

We aim continuously to improve the quality and effectiveness of our products and services.

Just as we support the advance of knowledge and learning, we are constantly developing our own professional skills too.

We strive to align our goals and values with those of our clients and customers. In partnership with them, we are making an important contribution to society.

Company overview

Al-Firdous Publications is one of the world’s leading Islamic books publishers, founded in London in 1988 by Shaykh Abdul Majid.

Al-Firdous has published a wide range of classical and contemporary Islamic books related to Islamic creed; the Qu'ran; family and society; current affairs; history; groups and sects; manhaj (methodology); jinn, black magic and evil eye; hadith; purification of the soul; worship; fiqh; and Islamic law.

We have been pioneers in publishing Islamic books for over 20 years and on subjects which are not even touched by many other publishers.